What is the main difference between the "regular" Hungarian citizenship and the simplified naturalization citizenship procedure?

The regular Hungarian Citizenship procedure applies for people who's parent or grandparent is (was) a Hungarian citizen.

The procedure of Simplified Naturalization was set up for people who belonging to the ethnic Hungarian community who live outside of Hungary and wish to apply for Hungarian citizenship.

Regular citizenship procedure

This procedure is applicable for those Hungarians who were born abroad, i.e., outside the current or the former territory of Hungary, for example in Canada or in the USA, Australia, etc., from a Hungarian citizen or descendant/s (parent/s or grandparent/s) that can be proved by various documents, like birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, etc. All forms and supporting documents can be mailed to an authorized Hungarian mission for approval.

warning sm  Honorary consulates of Hungary have limited rights to handle this procedure, i.e., honorary consuls can only verify/certify applicants' identity, signature and copies of original documents. Nevertheless, for this particular purpose, applicants do not have to travel to a non-honorary mission (embassy or consulate general) to hand in their applications.

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Simplified naturalization procedure

On 26 May 2010 the Hungarian National Assembly approved with an overwhelming majority the amendment of Act LV of 1993 on Hungarian citizenship and introduced a simplified naturalization procedure. According to this, those applicants and/or their descendants who were born in Hungary before 1921, or between 1938-1945 or after 1945 in those territories that used to belong to Hungary (i.e., Transylvania/Erdély, Vojvodina/Újvidek, Felvidék, etc.) may be eligible for Hungarian citizenship. This may be applicable for those who were born, for example in Canada, USA, or Australia, etc., however, their parents, grandparents may meet the simplified naturalization criteria for the Hungarian origins/citizenship.

warning sm Honorary consulates are not permitted to handle this procedure; only professional/career diplomats are authorized to conduct it and applicants must be present in person opposed to the regular citizenship procedure. For example, in Canada only the official representatives of the embassy of Hungary in Ottawa are authorized to conduct this procedure. They may visit from time to time various regions of Canada so that the simplified naturalization procedure can be organized in other parts of Canada, i.e., in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver etc., otherwise, applicants must arrange a meeting with the embassy in Ottawa. In the USA, the consulate general of Hungary in Los Angeles, California is authorized to conduct this procedure besides the embassy in Washington, DC, and the consulate general in New York in the East coast.

Fees: the procedure is free except various translation, certification, administrative fees by foreign authorities, i.e., to translate a Romanian birth certificate into Hungarian, etc.

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