Simplified Naturalization - Egyszerűsített Honosítás

Simplified Naturalization was set up for people who belong to the ethnic Hungarian community, live outside of Hungary and wish to apply for Hungarian citizenship.

Process Steps

  • Set up an appointment at the Hungarian Embassy for having your application processed and the Simplified Naturalization interview conducted
  • Collect and prepare all documentation required
  • In North America, the interview can be conducted by the Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa, the Hungarian Embassy in Washington D.C or the Hungarian Consulates in New York or Los Angeles
  • It takes about 6 to 8 months for the Hungarian Government to process and assess the citizenship application and the information that is collected at the citizenship interview
  • During the processing time, the applicant may be requested to submit some additional documentation
  • Successful applicants shall be invited to take the oath and receive the Hungarian citizenship at the Hungarian Embassy or the Hungarian Consulate (In North America, at the Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa or Washington D.C., or the Hungarian Consulates in Los Angeles or New York)

Location of the citizenship interview and oath

Please note in case there is a great geographic distance involved, the Hungarian Embassy may be able to arrange citizenship interviews and oath for larger groups at different locations than the Embassy. For example, in October and November 2011, during  the two long weekends in Vancouver, BC, several hundred applicants had their citizenship interviews conducted by the stuff of the Embassy of Ottawa. The interviews were arranged by the Vancouver Hungarian Society and the Hungarian Honorary Consuls in Vancouver BC.