Reception at the Vancouver Yacht Club on October 24

Tuesday, 15 November 2011 08:58

Some of the long time members of the Vancouver Hungarian community spent a lively evening together, socializing and getting to know Zsuzsanna Répás, the Deputy Minister of Hungarian Diaspora Relationships and the new Hungarian Ambassador of Ottawa, H. E. Dr. László Pordány.

The reception was organized by Andre Molnar in Honor of Zsuzsanna Répás. She was enjoying the hospitality of the Vancouver Community as part of her North American tour of Hungarian Communities. The visit of Mrs. Répás coincided with Dr. László Pordány’s introductory visit to British Columbia. The crowd of the guests included long time Vancouver Hungarian Community members such as actress Györgyi Hegedűs, musician and publicist Éva Kossuth, and the Head of the Hungarian Society, Tibor Ábrahám. Thank you for the memorable evening, thank you for your attendance!

Photos are courtesy of Ilonka Lelkes